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Though it is difficult to estimate the age of the Andalurkavu, it is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. There are no historical recores to prove the age of the temple. The deities in the temple are those of Sr Raman, Lakshmanan and Hanuman. This is a temple dedicated to Srirama as parts of the Ramayana such as SundaraKanda and Yudhakanda are reflected here. But then as Padmashiva is also worshiped alongside Srirama, one cannot say that this is a Srirama Temple. Once the festival starts at the temple on Malayalam month Kumbam 1 (Normally February 13), all residents of Dharmadam become vegetarians for a week, old people lead commuity life. People greet vistors with puffed rice (Aval) malar and bananas.

The God Srirama's deity is built facing the Cheraman Temple. During the rule of Cheraman Perumal the idol of Srirama went missing and was later found by the people from the Melur River says a legend. It was later installed in the temple.

During the traditional dance here the grove below the temple is considered to be Lanka in the Ramayan. Bows and Leaf umbrellas are used to symbolise the Ramayana war during the possession.

Andalur Kaavu


Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi

Sree Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi Temple is one of the oldest Devi Temples in North Kerala. The presiding Diety of this temple is goddess Kaali. The Temple was built by the then king of Kolathiri - Chirakkkal Raja and so became renowned as Sree Chirakkakavu.


According to established belief, the goddess Kaali appeared with her retinue where the Anjarakkandy river meets the sea. Her appearance was in the form of a divine fish. The place where the divine presence happened is now known as Vamal, the Sree Moolasthana of Sree Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi.

The temple festival is celebrated every year on days 9-12 of the month of malayalam month medam. (i.e. normally April 22 to 25th).


Holy Rosary Church which was established in the early years of 16th century. The Holy Rosary Church which was under the Goa Arch bishop until 1609. It was one of the important Christian churches in Malabar. Later it became a part of the Kodungalloor archdiocese, then a part of the Calicut archdiocese and presently a part of the Cannanore archdiocese.

Holy Rosary Church, THalassery


jaganatha temple, thalassery

The Jagannath Temple is one of the prominent temples of North Kerala. The idol installation was conducted by Sree Narayana Guru on Kumbam 1 in 1908. The temple functions on the lines of the Jagannatha Temple in Puri, Orissa.

Before this a section of people were denied entry into the temple which made Sri Narayana Guru very sad. He requested the temple authorities to grant Harijans entry into the temple. The temple authorities agreed. Moorkoth Kumaran built a statue of Sree Narayana Guru on the temple premises. Every year the temple festival starts on the Punartham star in the month of Kumbam. The Jagannatha temple festival which lasts for 8 days and the cultural programmes are very famous.


There are no clear records to prove when the first mosque in Thalassery was established. It is believed that this mosque is more than thosand years old. All historical records say that this mosque built in the Indo Saracan style was established when MallikDinar arrived in Kerala to spread Islam. The mosque has been rebuild several times.

The mosque was been maintained by the Vaniambalath Tharavad. Later a committee comprising Tata Moosa, P.P. Mammooty and C.T. Ummarkutty took over this responsibility.

juma masjid thalassery


mattambram mosque


Odathil Palli (mosque) a very beautiful mosque built in ancient days in the heart of Thalassery Town. This is among famous of Mosques of North Malabar.

Odathil Palli is a destination that tourists and travelers come to see. The highlights of Odathil Palli are that it has the typical Kerala architecture, and it is in the heart of Tellicherry. The crown on the roof is made of gold. The mosque is still in use for worship today. The masjid has mainly three entrance. First one is through main gate near Thalassery old Bus-stand. Next one is through Logans Road, and third is the entrance through backyard of the building which connected to OV Road.

odathil mosque


saidar mosque, thalassery

Saidar Palli is a very beautiful mosque built in ancient days in the heart of Thalassery Town. This is among famous of Mosques of North Malabar.

The Saidar Mosque is beieved to had been built in 12th Centuary by Malik Ibn Dinar, a Muslim preacher.


Sree Sooryanarayana Temple is one of the oldest and the second largest Surya temple after Konark. It is situated in a village called Kadirur in Thalaserry. The temple originated during the 13th century and the Consecration day is observed to be in the Malayalam month 'Medam' on the Rohini Nakstram (star) day.

During the rule of Tipu sultan, his army plundered over the temple in 1789 and the temple remained deserted for some years. Kappanna Karunakara Menon an employee under the then British sub collector Mr. Thomas Harry Babar, seeing the neglected and dilapidated condition renovated the temple in 1825.

Temple TIming : 0530 - 1130 hrs and 1730 - 2030 hrs
Contact details : 0490-2305222

sooryanarayana temple, kathiroor


sree ramaswamy temple, thiruvangad

It is one of the best temples in Kerala and is said to be built about 400 years back. This temple is also known as the 'Brass pagoda' and is dedicated to Sree Rama. A part of the temple was damaged by Tipu Sultan's troops in the 18th century, but the temple itself is believed to have been saved from destruction. The temple contains some interesting sculptures and lithic records. The annual festival of temple commences on Vishu day in Medam (April-May) and lasts for seven days. Chakyar Koothu is performed in this temple as a part of rituals. Mani Chakyar family traditionally holds the right to perform here. The greatest Chakyar Koothu, Kutiyattam exponent Legendary Guru Mani Madhava Chakyar used to perform Chakyar Koothu here for decades.


Built in 1869, St.John's Church is located very near to Thalassery fort. In its cemetery rest Sir Edward Brennen and other European officials of the East India Company and the government.

The church had been built with an endowment from Edward Brennen, who had reached here after a shipwreck during the colonial period. Before he died in 1859, he bequeathed his savings to charitable purposes.

The church opened for public after facelift by by the archaeology department in association with the tourism department on 15th December 2009. The church was included by the Archaeology Department, in 1992, among the heritage buildings in the region that required renovation.

St. John's Anglican Church


st. josephs cathedral

St Joseph's Cathedral, Thalassery, with its majestic looks, is a wonderful work of architecture. The Cathedral church was established in 1954.

The present building of the Cathedral church was constructed in 1972. A sculpture of St Joseph, the patron of the Archdiocese, is erected right in front of the Cathedral church. The office of the Cathedral is located on its left side.


Contact : 0490 - 2322685

st. peters church, chalil


st. theresas church, mahe

St. Theresa's Church (Mahe Church) is most famous Christian Church in Malabar. The Church was built during French Reign and it stands as a monument to the legacy of French rule. The festival is celebrated from 5th to 22nd October every year and the important dates are 14th and 15th. It is a festival of Mahe irrespective of religion or caste.

For the entire people of Mahe consider this church as their own. The people all over Kerela and from neighboring Districts of Karnataka come and visit the church during this festival.

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