In our country thousands of people go to bed hungry every night including children. Our state Kerala is also not better in this regard.

‘Athazhakoottom‘ is an initiative of JCI Tellicherry to help relieve hunger of the poorest of the poor and needy persons in our society. The members of ‘Athazhakoottom’ will collect excess food from celebrations like marriage, anniversary, house warming, birthday, engagement etc. and will distribute to those who don’t have enough to eat at streets, old age homes, orphanages etc.
The cause for this initiative was a diabetic patient who reached at ‘Kanivu’, a pain and palliative care unit, thalassery. After examining this patient, the doctors came to the conclusion that his disease is actually hunger. On enquiry, it was found that his four member family was not having any food for the past three days. That family was adopted by the JCI Tellicherry volunteers and it marked the beginning of ‘Athazhakoottom’. The education expenses of the two children of that family were also undertaken by this movement with the help of likeminded persons.

‘Athazhakoottom’ is run by a subcommittee of JCI Tellicherry by JC Shamreez Backer and JC Rajesh Kalakar acting as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. They are ably supported by around 25 youngsters including JC Anoop Keloth, JC Shyju, JC Sooraj, JC Sumesh and JC Pradeep Kumar.

The official launch of ‘Athazhakoottom’ was done by Junior Chamber International Vice President JC PPP V Anoop on 27th March 2015. Since then they have distributed food to Samaritan Home, Tharavadu Old Age Home, Abala Mandhir, After Care Home, Juvenile Home, Kripa Bhavan etc and at General Hospital, Railway Station and New Bus stand. The distribution of 500 food packets at Govt General Hospital on Harthal day was highly appreciated by the beneficiaries, public and media at large.

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